Episode 0126 -A Wrinkle in Time | Last Flag Flying | Blade of the Immortal | Rat Film

September 10, 2017

Sean's computer finally exposes a dark secret, throwing him for a loop. Listen as he explains how this new issue has affected him and what it may mean to the future of the podcast.

And Vito describes the cake he made for this y​​ear's BarMcQ Party on LABOR DAY. ​​He goes into details about how me came up with cake's recipe and the overall design. Plus flavor ideas for future incarnations of the same cake.

And now that your hungry for dessert, listen as Vito and Sean as they review the following three films and documentary: A Wrinkle in Time, Last Flag Flying, Blade of the Immortal, and Rat Film. Breaking down how they feel the trailers did to get them to see the films. See how these trailer rate on their scale.


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